In Act I, Scene 2 (p. 711), Anne feels terrified by the prospect of being in hiding for an undetermined amount of time.  Anne's father tells her, "...always remember this, Anneke. There are no walls, there are no bolts, no locks that anyone can put on your mind."
If you were a friend to Anne, what advice would you give her at this point in the play to encourage her for the future?


04/18/2012 10:49am

I would tell her that she was perfectly safe as long as she continued to follow the rules and that the imagination is more powerful than your physical being.
Life could be normal if you only believe.

04/18/2012 12:51pm

My mom told me to stop using my imagination so much.... she thinks I'm going delirious. Haha, I almost fell off my dragon.

04/20/2012 1:22pm

i agree with mason because its alway good to have imagination and beleive you are always perfectly safe no matter what happens.

04/18/2012 10:55am

id tell her that she needs think positively nothing bad would happen and that if she thought of all the bad things bad things would happen.

Hannah O
04/18/2012 10:56am

I would tell Anne that she would be okay and that if she believes that she will survive than she would survive and that nothing would happen to her .

04/18/2012 11:02am

I would tell her to listen to her father. i would also tell her that her mind can take her to wherever she wants while still being in hiding. the last thing i would tell her is happiness is a state of mind

04/18/2012 11:23am

If I was Anne's friend, I would tell her her she has a right to worry, but worrying and being scared willnot do anything, but cause stress for her. I would also tell her to just enjoy her time with her family (like she could do anything different.)

04/18/2012 12:47pm

I would tell Anne that the only thing you need to be afraid of if your imagination.

04/18/2012 12:48pm

I'm not very good with advice especially in such an unfortunate predicament. I'm rather pessimistic and I would probably tell her that we would die. But, if I was to give her advice I would tell her to just try and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Try to understand that things only get worse before they get better.

04/18/2012 12:49pm

I would tell anne to keep her head high. As long as she listens to her dad then she will make it out of hiding alive. there must be an e nd of war.

04/18/2012 12:54pm

We are in a safe spot and we have people we can trust. No one but Meip and Mr. Kraler know of us and the are our dearest friends and would never try to hurt us.

04/20/2012 11:02am

"Anne even though you are going into hiding you will be safer more then half of the other jews out here"

Blake F.
04/20/2012 11:12am

Just stay calm, and make sure you have very little noise during the day if any. And one day when you dont see Mr. Kraler or Miep then start worrying.

04/20/2012 12:46pm

Since i am a boy i really dont know what to tell her beacuase she is a girl and she needs a girls eye veiw so she can get through it. THe part that we differant is that she is a girl and she needs friends that are girls to help her.

04/20/2012 1:26pm

As a friend, I would help Anne by just honestly telling her the truth, there is no world outside of that hiding place for them. Of course at any time they could come find them, but she shouldn't dwell on whats coming, just enjoy the time she has now to spend time with her family because she doesn't know which day could be her last.

Matthew Thieman
04/24/2012 9:09pm

I would tell her that no matter what happens to keep faith and trust that everything will be okay.

04/27/2012 11:02am

i would give her the advise "it will all be over sooner than u think dont stop being you".

McKayla R.
04/27/2012 11:07am

i would give her the advice to just relax


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