Describe the relationship between Anne and her mother. List five characteristics of Anne as you understand her character from the play. Discuss how the relationship of Anne and her mother makes you feel/think.
4/24/2012 05:55:31 pm

The relationship between Anne and her mother isn't necessarily good, but I think that they both see it differently, I don't think that Anne's mother thinks its bad, but in Anne's case, she doesn't like her at all. First, Anne likes to speak her mind. Second, she is strong willed and doesn't like to be "trampled over". Third, She likes to talk. Fourth, she doesn't care what people think of her. Fifth, she cares....
I also think that Anne should be more respectful to her mother, no matter what she thinks she needs to learn respect.

Matthew Thieman
4/24/2012 10:14:46 pm

they are not fans of eachother but they are family so they still love eacother. Anee could be much nicer to her mother eventhough it is very hard.

4/25/2012 09:35:01 pm

Anne and you mother dont get allong to well. Mrs. Frank doesnt think it is bad or anything but Anne think that she is being mean to her mother.

4/26/2012 01:11:27 pm

the relationship between anne and her mother is not good. anne talks alot, annoying, likes to speak her mind,doesnt care what people think, and she doesnt like to lose a fight. i think anne should be respectful to her mother.

Blake F
4/26/2012 01:11:27 pm

I think that Anne's mother and her relationship isn't going to well. Makes me surprised, but otherwise i don't care.

4/26/2012 01:18:32 pm

confusion, hate, discrace

4/26/2012 01:19:22 pm

Their relationship isn't good because Anne likes her father better and Mrs. Frank just wants Anne to be like Margot. Anne is strong willed, funny, passionate, stubborn, and fun-loving which doesn't help her relationship with her mother.

4/26/2012 08:22:31 pm

I think the relationship between Anne and her mother are like anyother Mother daughter relationship, with the exception of Anne being confident, independent, strong- willed, outspoken and fun-loving. Her mother is a caring women and deserves respect, but with their particular situation, with all the tension surrounding it, I am surprised their relationship did not get worse. It does not help the relationship wth Anne favoring her father either.
Over all, I think Anne is a truly good person and she did not mean to hurt her mother.

4/27/2012 01:23:34 pm

i agree with michaela because anne is very independent and strong willed. she does favor her father witch doesnt make the situation any better with her mother.

4/26/2012 09:25:03 pm

Anne and her mother's relationship is rocky and very fragile. It makes me thankful for the relationship I have with my dad. This is caused by Anne's personality. She is stubborn, brave, loud, obnoxious and undisciplined.

4/27/2012 11:51:11 am

Anne and her mother, Mrs.Frank do not have a good relationship. Mrs.Frank wants Anne to be more like her sister Margot, but Anne wants to be her own person. Anne is free-willed, fearless, independant, free-spirited, and kind-hearted. Some of these characteristics of Anne hurt her relationship with her mother. Their opinions and views differ and they are not close,

4/27/2012 11:57:40 am

Anne is a loud young girl that later becomes a mature women that eventually falls in love.

4/27/2012 12:00:39 pm

i think that the realationship be tween her mom and her is sad i reaminds me of me and my mom

4/27/2012 01:16:03 pm

Anne and her mother are having hard times with each other since Anne believes that her mother doesnt understand her. Anne is aggresive, a rebel, doesnt listen to other people alot, and she doesnt like adults. Her fued with her mother reminds me of my mom and me when we dont see eye to eye.

4/27/2012 06:22:13 pm

Anne Frank and her mom are having some pretty rotten luck and aren't working so well with each other. I can't say I blame 'em, its just I could never see myself being so rude to my mom no matter the condition. My mom means a lot to me and I'm so glad I have her. If she was a nose, I would pick her ;) haha. Anne, in a few words, is rambunctious, obnoxious and extremely expressive. She never keeps her thoughts to herself and reminds me a little of myself haha. Such a relationship with her mom makes me rather distraught but also very thankful to have such a great relationship with my mom.


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